Chemical biology: innovative solutions for diverse challenges.

Joshua Kritzer and Nathan W. Luedtke


The Yale Chemical Biology Symposium is a day-long event that highlights new advances at the interface of chemistry and biology. Held annually since 1998, the symposium features presentations by acclaimed investigators from academic and industrial institutions as well as a poster session for student and postdoctoral presenters. The 2005 symposium held on May 13 featured Dr. Joshua Boger (Chairman, President, and CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) as the keynote speaker as well as Drs. Carolyn Bertozzi (UC Berkeley), Alice Ting (MIT), Peter Lansbury (Harvard), Patrick Loria (Yale), and Ronald Breaker (Yale). This meeting review summarizes the novel chemical biology approaches to fields as diverse as glycobiology, neurochemistry, drug discovery, molecular biophysics, and molecular genetics presented at the symposium.

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